IdiomaX Translation Suite

IdiomaX Translation Suite 5.0

Translate DOC files and websites without hassle


  • Easy to use
  • Supports several languages


  • Some language pairs missing
  • Translations are not very good


I've always been jealous of people who can speak three or four languages. For the rest of us who are not that smart – or don't have that much time – there's IdiomaX Translator.

This simple app lets you translate Micrososft Word documents (DOC files) in several language combinations, including English, French, Italian, Spanish and German. The specific language pair can be chosen from a drop-down menu, but you can't create new pairs. Also, there are some combinations missing, such as English-German.

IdiomaX Translator works as a step-by-step wizard, guiding you through the process of translation. First you choose the document to translate, then the language pair, then you spell-check the text for missing translations and you finally revise the outcome. There's also the possibility to use the translator while browsing the web, thanks to a special IdiomaX toolbar that is seamlessly embedded into the browser – only in Internet Explorer, that is.

On the downside, the translations made by the program were not precisely brilliant. I know automatic translators are always far from perfect, but honestly, this one was especially cryptic.

IdiomaX Translator can help you translate text between different languages, though the results are quite disappointing.

IdiomaX Translation Suite


IdiomaX Translation Suite 5.0

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